Manufacturing of customized Industrial Machines

Design and Manufacturing of Tailored Electrospinning Industrial Machines and Devices adapted to Costumer´s Requirements.

Most of the companies worldwide are involved in improving the product portfolio to differentiate from competitors, focusing mainly in two directions: Development of new functional product or Improvement of existing products. Currently there is an increasing interest of the added value of micro and nano structures (plain or microencapsulated), which is demonstrated in the high number of patents and scientific papers published for last years.

Doxa® offers innovative Nanotechnology Solutions developed by our R&D Consulting Department, which advises and assesses the company how to overcome the barriers when a product is desired to be improved or substituted by a new one. R&D Projects can be divided into two main groups:

– Direct contracts by companies or universities to support its own R&D dept.

– Integrated in European, National and Regional Consortiums.

From Lab to Industrial Scale

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