DOXA Microencapsulation

Doxa® Coaxial Electrospinning & Electrospraying Tech is the best choice to deal with spherical or fibered micro-nanoparticles (simple/hollow/core-shell) having high loading efficiency whose shows a range of release triggers and is compatible with a wide range of active ingredients. The expertise and the know-how gathered by Doxa® in last 15 years allow the engineers team to design the production process (involving different methods of microencapsulation) to find the best solution that meets the requirements. After analyzing the whole problematic (technical requirements, materials, release conditions, …) a microencapsulation production process will be designed, developed and scale-up to meet the company´s requirements. This method can produce microcapsules in combination of any other traditional technique. The election of the Microencapsulation Techniques will depend strongly of:

  • Size

    Average size required for microparticles.

  • Properties

    Chemical and physical properties of core and shell agents.

  • Materials

    Applications for material microencapsulated.

  • Requirements

    Release trigger specified by requirements.

  • Costs