Product Development

Every Worldwide Company is currently improving its product portfolio to differenciate from a competitor trademark, focusing mainly in two directions: Development of new functional product & Improvement of existing products.

Recently, both approaches goes towards the increasing of the added value taking advantage of the amazing properties of micro and nano structures (plain or microencapsulated), as can be shown by the quick development of nanocomposites, which is demonstrated in the high number of patents and scientific papers published for last years.


Customized Injection & Collection devices

Doxa offers customized design and manufacturing of Injection/Collection Devices adapted to Costumer´s Requirements using 3D Modelling (CAD): SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD 2D-3D, CATIA v5, …


Microfluidics Simulation

Simulation using Programming Tools: MATLAB, ANSYS FLUENT, COMSOLE MP, …


Training Courses

Fundamentals, Experimental And Applications.